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A cookie is a small piece of code that the website sends to the web browser of the user device whenever the user browses our website. These cookies are stored in the user’s device browser for a temporary period and are not accessible by any 3rd parties. Cookies help the user/s to browse between web pages easily as they store users’ preferences, and helps in providing better user experience on the website.

COOKIES WHICH WE USE ON OUR WEBSITE may use following types of cookies to improve the user experience and communication with our website:

Analytics cookies: These cookies are used to anonymously identify the user’s browsing device to keep track of the browsing patterns of the user. We Use Google Analytics and Other Analytics Tools.

Service cookies: These cookies are basically used to retrieve user details if they choose to register with our website.


User May Find Remarketing Cookies on Our Website used by Our Retargeting/Remarketing Advertising Partners including but not limited to Google & Facebook. Remarketing uses the dart cookies to Show Targeted ads to users based on their visit to our website and other websites on the internet. Dart cookies uses “non personal data” and does not track or store any personal data about the user.


Most browsers allow you to reject/disable to accept cookies. You can easily set your preferences by visiting your Browser’s Privacy setting.

Blocking cookies may affect our website and some parts/portion of our website may not function properly.

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This document was last updated on 9 April 2018